Prototyping is a highly skilled area that requires large amounts of time and creative thinking. At Innovative Metal Fabrication our craftsmen that are highly trained in drawing, dimensions, metallurgy and can build your ideas from concept to completion or improve designs to make it work more efficiently for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, that bright idea could make you millions if it is built properly!

Innovative glass polishing machine

A prototype oven cleaner

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We are "essential" YAY!! Come see us (from a distance, please yell because we are all wearing earplugs) for all your metal essentials.
Lest we forget Those who gave their lives for our futures And Those who selflessly risked and lost their lives caring for them ❤
Is there a pattern you want but can't find? Come and design it with us. Renee loves a challenge and she still has a small amount of hair left on her head after drawing this beautiful monstrosity!
Looking for something to brighten up your life? Choo Choo choose me!
New items added to our #firefighter series
New design, just needs wheels attached
We are here fire all your design needs. Drop in for more options!